Energy Healing

REIKI – 1 x 60 minute sesson

Take the opportunity to spend an hour in a peaceful setting. Let the noise of the outside world fade as you take an hour to reconnect with yourself. Uncover, heal and release bad energy, negative mindset, worries and pain. Gain clarity and focus on you.

  • Release negativity and anxiety
  • Relax the mind, body and soul
  • Receive clarity and strength through free flowing energy.

Tarot Readings

REIKI – 1 x 60 minute sesson

Insight from spiritual guides are revealed through channeling their energy. Their messages are delivered through tarot cards.

Get a glimpse of what is ahead and in store for the future.




You know that something is off. Your brain is loud, yet you can’t even hear your own thoughts. There is an energy conflict, block or weakness. In order to gather the strength to move forward, take this opportunity to realign your body and mind. Let them reconnect so they can work together rather than against each other.

  • three (3) 60-minute Reiki sessions
  • Release negativity and anxiety
  • Relax the mind, body and soul
  • Receive clarity and strength through free flowing energy.



The Light Me Up! Program is designed to establish and align your belief, value and worth systems. It is easy to say ” I am not sure someone would pay that much for my services” or “I don’t deserve a raise yet” or even “There isn’t enough budget, I don’t want to feel like I am asking too much”. These sessions will help you cut to the core of the limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset. Giving you time to meditate and expand your thinking to realize the profit potential of becoming financially focused.

  • Five (5) 60-minute Reiki sessions
  • One (1) 45-minute Axiatonal Alignment Session



Enriched Entrepreneur Program

This 12-week group program is designed to keep on top of your relationship with your money. First we talk about how to recognize who you are and where you are at when it comes to your self, your business and your finances.

In the second stage we really dig deep into money and your beliefs about money. Because when you feel crappy about money it turns into crap. Seriously. It’s that simple. Once we know what you are all about, how you operate, knowing your money story, what it is you are doing and gained all that insight you will find the confidence to move forward writing a new chapter in your money story.

The third stage is taking all of that and moving forward with tools, realizations and awakening. Taking this information and applying it to learning how to make the shift that will allow you to reach your goals, get to where you want to be. So often we undermine ourselves, unaware of what we are capable of doing. We feel that if we set a goal that is too high it feels so out of reach we give up before we even begin.

This is not for every body. If you haven’t set that goal, if you haven’t zeroed in on what your objective is then that’s okay. There are other ways we can help you to get that focus. But this program is for you who have been trying, have been working on that project or business. But seem to be spinning. You can see the next rung on the ladder, you know the next step you just can’t seem to channel the right energy to get there, to reach for it. Or you have and you keep slipping back. Maybe you are slipping on that spillage? So we apply the tools and the energy to make the corrections required to achieve that next step. And the next one. And the one after that.

Let me know you are interested!  We can figure out exactly where you are and if this program is a good fit. It is free!

Enriched Entrepreneur Inquiry
1:1 Coaching

Are you dealing with

  • overwhelm
  • time management
  • healing your relationship with money
  • creating practical strategies to take control of the next steps

I am offering 1:1 coaching to make you feel AWESOME about your future. We will outline the best way forward working towards your goals. Through a combination of energy healing, tools to help you understand what your challenges are and strategies on how to move past them a solid plan will be set and you will have unleashed the energy to accomplish them.

3 Hour Power Pack – $555

3 Month 1:1 – $3000


6 Month 1:1 – $5000


Blended Courses

This course focuses solely on what is holding you back. Address overwhelm, thrash, frustration and stress. Identify the sources and utilize remedial activities, habits and energy healing. Uncover the real source of these symptoms to address the underlying fears and wounds. Without addressing the source, the symptoms will persist. This leads to coping through avoidance. Too busy? Drink a little more than you would like? Don’t do the things that you know will make you feel better? Have you ever stopped to really address why these negative, self-destructive habits are appearing? We are here to help.

  • Four (4) 60-minute Reiki sessions
  • Three (3) hours of personal coaching