Yes, as a professional, all 1:1 coaching is kept confidential.

Change takes effort, but it doesn’t have to be hard. By changing thought patterns and perspectives negative behaviours tend to resolve as new habits and positive mind-set take root.

Of course, you have already taken a big step by acknowledging and seeking some help in moving on to your goals and improving your quality of life by considering Rays of Harmony and energy healing. If you would like a free, no obligation, chat about where you are and where you would like to go let’s schedule 10 minutes to introduce ourselves! Email Me!

Transformations take time, they do not happen overnight. Which is why our programs are designed to give you the support you need to make the incremental shifts that will lead to big improvements.

We will keep you focused and on track in executing the things you NEED to do in order to keep moving forward. Help you figure out what needs to be done by when. Establish those boundaries to requests of your time, energy and money outside of your priorities. Things that will sway you from your path. So that you may have the time, energy and money to obtain your goals.