Why you should love bills

How often do you celebrate and THANK your bills when they come in your mail? 🤔

Do you grumble when they come in and think “oh geez, I have to give my money to the ________ company. Look at how expensive it is too. Now I am not able to ___________.”

You may be thinking – why would anyone celebrate when their cell phone bill comes in? They WAY overcharge for data and my utility bill is sky high too. Why celebrate that?

I will tell you why (I had to learn the hard way so I’ll try to save you from going down the sink hole I was in)…

We know that like energy attracts like energy right? Let’s break it down.

When we are celebrating PAYING that bill, we are showing our gratitude for the service we have ALREADY received (I AM open to receive). We are saying THANK you cell phone company, for allowing me to connect with people online, use my apps for tracking my weight loss and for my music when I’m at the gym, my calendar to help me keep track of my days, reminders for when I need to get something done – oh the many ways you help make my life easier!! I’m so happy to have that in my life!!

When we get upset or fearful about paying that money out, we are telling the uni that we don’t feel that service is worth having. In some way, YOU are not worth receiving it. So what happens? You hold the money because you FEEL once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. (There is one example of a money block btw).

Oh and that utility (energy) bill you’re moaning about … let’s take that away for a minute. Now you have no light in your home. Your oven doesn’t work and you also can’t make your morning tea/coffee so easily. The laptop and phone can’t be powered up while you sleep and the washing machine and dryer also don’t work. Off to the laundromat you go! Oh and remember how you said “it’s so expensive..” – well uni just made sure it’s so expensive and provided you with “less than” because that’s what you TOLD it to be (and so it is).

So now how do you feel about paying that bill?

I choose to celebrate by gladly paying it and thanking all the ways that company/service helped me. 👏🙌🏻