Unlock Your Power, Unleash Your Dreams

It’s in you. You can feel it. There is an energy that is smoldering deep down. A nagging feeling that there is another calling for you.  An impulse to turn your face up to the sky and envision another life. Feel another energy resonating within you and with the universe. Fulfilling, glowing, joyful, mindful, empowered and free.

You know it is there. You have been busy though. Busy with all the things that decided to take up your time. Being busy is not a form of being productive, it’s a form of being distracted. Your time is valuable and expensive. It is the most important resource, more than money. Trying to stay on top of everything life throws at you is exhausting. It’s time to turn the universe’s attention on you. Time to give yourself permission to take time focusing on what is really important. Time to reveal the space and energy that are required for your dreams, your goals.

Are you a “cup is half full” or “cup is half empty” kind of person. The answer is, it doesn’t matter. The cup is 50%, and the supply finite. So put that cup down, and find the waterfall of abundance that is waiting for you. Waiting for you to make your way to it. Waiting to fill any cup you offer again and again. Take the time to discover the source and feel it’s power and energy flow through you. Or you can spend your time and energy rationalizing what is in 50% of a cup.

How you spend your time is everything. As long as your heart beats you have time. A minute can change everything. A minor adjustment in how you do something a few minutes a day leads to big long term results. Imagine all the changes that are possible in the minutes available over 12 weeks. Rays of Harmony illuminates the path and guides you through identifying the required changes, making them and manifesting your dreams and goals.

Investing the time in Rays of Harmony – Your Life Your Way immediately frees you from the time you spend

wondering “if I…”

imagining “could I”

feeling “if only I…”

Replaces those with “I am”.

Start waking up every day saying I am doing it. I am moving forward. I am feeling the energy growing. I am taking control. I am pushing back. I am taking care of myself.

Rays of Harmony Your Life Your Way takes you on a three stage transitional journey. Stage 1 – The Path – Together the path towards your waterfall of goals is cleared. Intruders and obstacles will be identified and managed with clear boundaries that can be defended. Your path is your path, unique to you, your talents and energy. Stage 2 – The Tools – If time is the key resource, money is the key tool. Learn how to use it. How to care for it. It’s time to sharpen your skills with this valuable tool. Break bad habits and develop new ones that will carry you on your journey. Stage 3 – You have arrived at your waterfall, every drop is an opportunity pouring your way. Open your arms and feel the mist, hear the roar and feel the sound of the water. Most would stop their journey here, and choose to stay an observer. You have chosen to move beyond those who have stopped to stare and travel to the top for the best view. Like an eagle would observe the world from the sky, so can you. You have arrived.