Spring into Solution mode

“People don’t want to be sold to.”

I agree and disagree …

I agree that people don’t want to feel like they have been talked into buying something that they don’t really want or need and then end up with buyers remorse. 😩

Want to know what they DO want to be sold on and will be shopping for all day long?


I cannot stress this enough….


If they aren’t buying, there may be a few reasons why.

1. You are not 💯 clear on what you’re solving for them. It’s ALL over the board. This is why the best of the best advise to focus on ONE thing. This is where people who are Multi-passionate (like myself) can get tripped up because we have SOOOO many solutions and want to solve ALL your problems (because we know there is an underlying problem to your actual problem and it’s ALL connected). The secret is you can have a multitude of venues to solve the same problem. For example … the problem I help people solve is how to heal your relationship with money so you can create, keep and have MORE abundance in your life. The ways I can do that? Reiki. Axiatonal realignment. Coaching. Holding you accountable. Providing strategy and practical tools you can use every day. It’s a perfect blend of practical meets spiritual.

2. You don’t believe that you can solve their problem (aka – lack of confidence in your ability to solve their problem).

3. You are promising things you cannot deliver. Oooohhh this is a juicy topic!!! There are a number of reasons why you can’t deliver – overwhelm, undercharging (so you take on more to compensate), disorganization and lack of planning, trying to please everyone etc.

4. You’re are selling for the WRONG reasons. (This is where getting into alignment does wonders).

5. You are targeting the wrong audience. This is why relationship building is important. You want to understand what their values, beliefs and pains are and KNOW you are a good fit who your client will want to refer to their friends, family and network of people.

6. This is a BIG one people….. you aren’t promoting your stuff!!! You don’t want to appear sleazy, pushy or greedy. Hint hint … this is no longer your hobby and you deserve to be PAAIDD for your talents and skills!

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Time is moving forward – are you?