Money Mindset

Let’s get something clear…

When money as a subject comes up in conversation how do you react? How does your body feel? Do you feel anxious, embarrassed, uneducated or uncomfortable? What is your money mindset?


Your money mindset. Are you familiar with this term? Money mindset is not about sitting around and saying affirmations all day long in hopes that money will magically appear with unicorns and rainbows 🌈. It goes much deeper than that.

We are taught about money from a very early age. What we learn from our parents, family and friends have a significant role in the relationship we will have with money and the role it will play in our lives.

It is important to understand where our beliefs were formed and what we were taught to think and feel about money. By uncovering the beginnings of our relationship with money we can identify negative attitudes, beliefs or even falsehoods that are impeding our financial growth.

By doing so we can then set about finding out how we can change that to be what we WANT. A reprogramming or re-orientation of our attitudes towards money that allows us to make smarter, better financial decisions every day.
Whether you are bringing in $1k a day or $20k a day doesn’t matter if you have a 💩 money story. Nobody is impervious to the dangers of poor money mindset. Theirs, their partners or worse even their advisors!
These celebs have either filed for bankruptcy or been on the brink of it.

Johnny Depp
Tori Spelling
Aaron Carter
50 Cent
David Cassidy
Toni Braxton

The saying goes, you can’t fix money problems with money. And when you look at these high income earners you can see that I ain’t lying! This isn’t about them though this is about you.

Once you learn the root of your story you are able to rewrite it. Creating a HEALTHY relationship with money – that’s where the magic happens. ✨✨That is when you can sit around, doing what you LOVE and KNOW the money will appear for you when you need it.

It does take work. You have to do the work to dig into your story in order to figure out what happened in your life and where your power is to change it (and this 💩 goes deep and there will be times you will cry, get upset with me and also thank me).Helping you create a healthy relationship with your money so you can get PAAIDD and reach your 💰 goals. It totally lights my 🔥🙌🏻.
Isn’t it time you change your story?
🔥🙌🏻💰💵PAAID – Perseverance – Accountability – Action – Intent – Decision – Discipline