Lions and tigers and taxes!

When we have financial advisors, accountants and insurance agents to help us, why is it relevant to even look at money mindset?

Financial advisors, accountants and insurance agents look at current trends within the market as a whole, analyze your current situation and advise you based solely on what your bottom line monthly earnings are. They are trained to provide you what they think you need based on these numbers. 👨🏼‍💻

Money mindset helps you identify how you THINK AND FEEL about money and what YOUR past and current patterns are. 😰😫💡😜💰

Financial focus takes a look at the whole picture. We look at what your current and prior patterns are and the ROOT cause of those patterns. We identify what is possible for you based on your skills, talents and willingness to go out of your comfort zone. We customize your own strategy using tools and resources that work for you (rather than the “average” person, because let’s be honest – we are far from average. 💫💥♀️♀️

The relationship with your money is a tell tale sign of WHY you keep hitting the blocks and obstacles and how to shift and HEAL that relationship so you can create a different story. 🙌🏻✨💰😁

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