Let’s talk Chakras! Crown Chakras

What are chakras?

What purpose do they serve?

How do you tell if they are out of balance?

A chakra is a force of energy that spins in our bodies for us to receive, transmit and process energy from other people, things and experiences. We have 7 major ones and a whole lot of minor ones.

The 7 major ones go from the top of our head (crown) to our groin (root).

Each chakra is recognized as a focal point relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. They help us understand where we can take control in our lives and achieve health, wealth and success.

The focus of this post is on the crown chakra.

Our crown chakra is located at the very top of our head and represents how we think and our will to do something. It vitalizes the cerebrum (upper brain). Our upper brain helps control our central nervous system and our right eye. It is also related to our pineal gland and cerebral cortex (look at me nerding out on science here!).

The colour associated with the crown chakra is purple.

Crystals to aid in healing the crown chakra are: quartz crystal, purple fluorite, amethyst and selenite.

Qualities of our crown include inspiration, ideas, perception, service, spirituality and our beliefs.

How to know if it’s off balance: confusion, feeling lost, depression, lack of motivation and procrastination 😔.

Ways to help balance your crown:
Carrying crystals (mentioned above), yoga, meditation, exercise, reiki and positive affirmations are just a few ways!

Have a great day!!