How I generated $6k sales in a day…


(I made the DECISION to go after my goal and had the DETERINATION to meet that goal – totally different from desperate energy to make a sale). I did that by:

Shifting my thoughts… I spent 7 full days getting into TRUST. I focused on my WHY and put myself into HOW it would make me feel to reach that goal!


I went back to the clients I had worked with and asked them “what was your experience working with me like and what do you feel you GAINED?” This gave me the evidence that my work is changing lives and helping my clients in ways they never expected!

I then FOLLOWED UP with people who had expressed an interest in working with me. I met with potential clients, networked and asked the universe to help me connect with people who would benefit in working with me.


I stayed true to myself and my clients. I told them honestly where I was at, how I had helped others and what I could do to help them.


I took everything… my experience, my determination, my actions and I refused to settle.

I got into ACTION and turned those potential clients into paid 1:1 clients. One of them paid me $3k upfront in full.

I say money is an inside job.

These are the steps to consistently get paid by getting PAAIDD!! (Perseverance, Action, Accountability, Integrity, Decision and Determination).

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