Feeling frustrated in your business?

Spending days and nights worrying about why it just isn’t working… going over everything from marketing strategies, content, pricing, sales (or lack of them) and your team. Wondering what can be done differently so that your business isn’t just an expensive hobby. Something just doesn’t fit. As time goes on and bills are coming in you get more and more frustrated. You keep going over what’s NOT working.


You have heard of the law of attraction. Maybe even tried it. Putting out into the universe the energy you would like more of. But it just hasn’t worked for you. You have done your mediation, journaling and affirmations but you’re still stuck.


Would you like to know now why it’s not working? Here is the juicy juice – it IS working. Let’s back up a few sentences. The law of attraction works by putting out into the universe the energy you would like to attract.


Projecting frustration, worry and fear of not having the right processes and strategies or people is  taking over and attracting more of that. The desperation of wanting it all to “just work now damn it! I’ve had enough of this not going how I planned” feelings are what’s keeping you in a bad way.


Ready to overcome those drained, frustrated and insecure feelings?


How to get started….

  1. Take a step back. Go offline for a week. (Yes – one whole week).
  2. Evaluate where you are spending your time and ENERGY. Ask yourself “on a scale of 1 to 10, how does this feel for me?”
  3. Then ask WHY does it feel this way.
  4. Make a decision – do you feel you can shift your focus and feelings around this to make it what you want? If yes, but you’re unsure how to do it, believe that the right person, resources or tools will come to you. But – if it doesn’t light you up, it may be time to let it go (that’s ok – it makes more room for what does light you up!)

Launching and growing your business should be ENJOYABLE. Focus on your WHY and be aware of your feelings. Are they good or could they be better?


It’s time to get out of the dark side of the force.


“I don’t believe it.” – Luke

“That is why you fail.” – Yoda