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Let’s Talk Chakras! 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra

The 3rd eye chakra is located in between our eyebrows on the centre of our forehead. The colour associated with it is dark blue (indigo or navy blue). It’s purpose? To help us with our lower brain (cerebellum), goals, visions and connecting to our intuition and source. Glands and organs that connect with the third […]

Let’s talk Chakras! Crown Chakras

What are chakras? What purpose do they serve? How do you tell if they are out of balance? A chakra is a force of energy that spins in our bodies for us to receive, transmit and process energy from other people, things and experiences. We have 7 major ones and a whole lot of minor […]

Spring into Solution mode

“People don’t want to be sold to.” I agree and disagree … I agree that people don’t want to feel like they have been talked into buying something that they don’t really want or need and then end up with buyers remorse. 😩 Want to know what they DO want to be sold on and […]

Feeling frustrated in your business?

You’re spending days and nights worrying about why it just isn’t working…. Going over everything from marketing strategies, content, pricing, sales (or lack of them) and your team. You wonder what can be done differently so that your business isn’t just an expensive hobby. Something just doesn’t fit and as time goes on and bills […]

How I generated $6k sales in a day…

DECISION and DETERMINATION: (I made the DECISION to go after my goal and had the DETERINATION to meet that goal – totally different from desperate energy to make a sale). I did that by: Shifting my thoughts… I spent 7 full days getting into TRUST. I focused on my WHY and put myself into HOW […]