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Feeling frustrated in your business?

Spending days and nights worrying about why it just isn’t working… going over everything from marketing strategies, content, pricing, sales (or lack of them) and your team. Wondering what can be done differently so that your business isn’t just an expensive hobby. Something just doesn’t fit. As time goes on and bills are coming in […]

My Hard Truth

You see, I used to give myself away for free, over-give and overvalue the needs of others while undervaluing my worth and not taking for myself what I needed. Not allowing myself to live the life I desired. Sacrificing myself for the sake of others. Thinking I was doing it for them. Not realizing that […]

Unlock Your Power, Unleash Your Dreams

It’s in you. You can feel it. There is an energy that is smoldering deep down. A nagging feeling that there is another calling for you.  An impulse to turn your face up to the sky and envision another life. Feel another energy resonating within you and with the universe. Fulfilling, glowing, joyful, mindful, empowered […]