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Magic Money Mondays!

MAGIC MONEY MONDAYS!! At first glance, this quote appears to be quite simple and kind of unrealistic. The first time I read it, I thought “oh yeah, so if I ask for a million dollars then I should just sit back and be open to receive it. Ya, like THATS gonna happen.” But then I […]

Lions and tigers and taxes!

When we have financial advisors, accountants and insurance agents to help us, why is it relevant to even look at money mindset? Financial advisors, accountants and insurance agents look at current trends within the market as a whole, analyze your current situation and advise you based solely on what your bottom line monthly earnings are. […]

Why you should love bills

How often do you celebrate and THANK your bills when they come in your mail? 🤔 Do you grumble when they come in and think “oh geez, I have to give my money to the ________ company. Look at how expensive it is too. Now I am not able to ___________.” You may be thinking […]

Money Mindset

Let’s get something clear… When money as a subject comes up in conversation how do you react? How does your body feel? Do you feel anxious, embarrassed, uneducated or uncomfortable? What is your money mindset?   Your money mindset. Are you familiar with this term? Money mindset is not about sitting around and saying affirmations […]

I Choose Me

I was picking up material for my hubby around the corner from where I left my corporate job when I decided to stop in and say hello. It had been 4 years since I left. The supervisor said they are hiring and asked me if I wanted my old job back … this job comes […]

“Thanks Coach”

Under every post for coaching services, there is a thread of comments. Many are the same variations two questions. How does the coaching help, and does it work or why did people not get the results they wanted after working with a coach. This is my take and my own personal experience with it. I’ve […]